Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Payment of Customized Sevaarth through CMP

Dear All,

As Many Field offices have raised complaints to the Treasury Offices
about the Non Payment and other payment related Issues,
After Consultation with the TCS Team with regards to the Issues faced
by the users of the Customized Sevaarth applications following
Findings have been jotted out at our end .

The CMP integration for all your Respective Customized Sevaarth
Versions has been Completed Month Ago,
Post to Which there has been published a explicit Notice on all the
applications to update the Bank,Branch,Account and IFSC details w.r.t
all the Employees and DDO accounts,

Unless this is not acheived completely by your respective DDO's at the
Field Level the CMP files will be rejected from the SBI/SBH team due
to wrong bank Details,

Along with the above Please also ensure that the Amonuts in the Bills
is non Negative as it may also lead to rejection of files ,

Please make the necessary changes in all your respective applications
to ensure smooth payments of salary of your Employees ,

This is genlte reminder to all the concerned authorities  that the
sucessful implementation of your Customized Sevaarth application is
primarily responsible at the departments Nodal officer appointed for
the Purpose ,If any problems regarding your application exist please
connect to the TCS Spocs Mr Varun W,Gurudatt Gurav,and Gorakhanath S,

If incase any problems exsist Please inform us formally vide a letter
post to which we would look into the resolution in consultation with
the respective department officers and TCS

Joint Director (Reforms)
Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries,
M. S., Mumbai
022-22029122 / 22029127